Yes, yes

A couple of questions, answers and fragments from William’s old letters and notebooks, 1973 –

“Bill, are you still prattling about a ‘perfect world’ now that it is falling around our feet? Do you still maintain that ‘God is all’ in the face of governments near collapse, crashing markets and economic systems, warfare and greed, murder and madness everywhere? Do you still insist there is nothing but GOOD going on even as we are haunted by the specter of shortage at every turn? … Do you still say there is no devil, discord, disease or death? … If you do, you are as mad as a hatter.”

Yes, Jack. Yes! I’m still singing the same song and my hat fits! I’m still telling about a perfect universe for which you and I are the AWARENESS. And I’m not stating personal opinions or beliefs I simply wish were true. I’m telling of a perfection I KNOW about–a perfection that stands tall and straight right in the middle of the world’s frustrations. Everyday more and more are finding It. I know. There are hundreds of letters here telling me so.

* * *
“If one sees nothing but a perfect world, why DO or WRITE anything at all?”

I don’t write because I have an answer but because there’s a song in my Heart disclosing that I (you) AM the Answer.

I don’t write to heal someone or some thing, nor to make the world over. I write because there’s a song in the Heart disclosing I AM the world and all that’s in it – even as “you” are.

We don’t write to DO anything, but, like a child full of gladness, we write to let the inside out and sing—to make the unsounded Symphony HEARD.

By whom? Myself alone.

It isn’t an “i” that sees perfection, but God who, as this Awareness I- – Identity am, sees naught but what God is. Everything. And it IS, by God, JUST AS IT IS, perfect!


And here is what I have found, I’ve found that when we live from this vision, from this deep inner knowing of the Light beyond the limited light, we know that William is exactly right and true. We live the sweet freedom.  The world is the image of the Eternal Light and you and I are this living Light, whether we know it or not – that’s the sweetest thing of all.  You don’t even have to know it, and it’s still true. You and I, we are the free bird, flying high. Not guilty. Unbound beauty, the pristine heart you are, this is the very sparkle of you, the life you are, right here, right now, always. Not guilty – that’s what love is, and that’s what you are. That’s what I know. —- Sandy Jones


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    1. Thank you Hartwig, for stopping by, that is so very lovely of you – and yes, William certainly has found the brave and honest words, and he does not hesitate to state them clearly — So beautiful, indeed.

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