“Some teach that the Absolute is not material, therefore not finite in any sense of the word. I see material things all day long. Is there any reality in them at all?”

Is there any arithmetic in the number? Is there any Symphony in the printed note? Is there any tree in its shadow? We look for the Principle behind the number. We listen for the Symphony being the note. We look up from the shadows and find the Tree. Whatever the “thing” we see, it is ISNESS being made plain. We don’t throw the thing out a mental window calling it “unreal” or “just a part of the dream.” We learn to acknowledge the Light which is being the sight, sound or experience. We stop giving undue importance to the thing and acknowledge the Ineffable Symphony for which things are either chords or discords making the Symphony clear. But listen listen! The Symphony, and the notes that make it known, are ONE Symphony!