True Measure


The only measure of real success in all the world is whether or not one is coming to perceive more truth. No one knows this better than we do—each of us individually—and we know whether or not we’ve had new light in recent days. No one else can tell us more about this personal progress than we can tell ourselves. It is our own inmost business. But, if we haven’t been seeing ever more light, we haven’t been making progress, and we are sinking into the quagmire of Da Shan.

Once we’ve recognized a Glimpse for what it is, the Child within knows there are more glimpses to be seen, experienced, lived and celebrated. More, we know those Glimpses offer new perspectives of old views. They tell us more nearly how things really are. They brighten and enliven our affairs. But most of all, those Glimpses come with healing on their wings, reviving the Child within.

With each bit of Light we are more the Child and less the climber.
Gentle listener, this this is what you have come here for. There is something one can do to begin having those wonderful glimpses of Truth again! We will talk about that around tomorrow’s campfire.

William Samuel “The Child Within Us Lives! A Synthesis of Science, Religion and Metaphysics”


The glimpse is one of those wonderful moments when you see the big picture, or feel the expanse and wholeness of love release your mind from confusion, constrictions, fear or conflict. The glimpse is a moment of lightness and relief that washes over us, when we know, absolutely know, without doubt, that everything is all right — and in fact, it really is. We look around and the peace I see is the peace I be.  We let that sweet moment be with us, wash over us, and when we do, we see, literally, everything, really,  is in fact,  all right, just the way the it is. There is the realization nothing needs to be changed. Such is the profound Joy of living open to the magic and beauty of Love – Love being my one and only real Identity, who I am, the Child I am – Keep your eyes, your heart turned toward the Light.  It is the glimpse of Light that does the work – and, yes, it really does  –   Sandy Jones