Every Petal

Experience appears as however I view my own Identity. Considering myself limited, frustrated, bound-to-a-body man (manifestation), I appear to myself as I believe I am. Contrariwise, knowing Identity to be that which is being the universe and all in it, I must commence to view Now (and all that appears as the “things-experience” within Awareness) as the actual-I that I am, as the Holy Perfection of the One perfect Being. I see every petal of every flower, every twig, every leaf, every rock, every mountain, every star and galaxy that thunders through the heavens and constitutes the universe, as one of the infinite qualities and attributes of my perfect Father, the ineffable Godhead itself; Single Identity perceiving Itself and being “I.”….  William Samuel 

We eventually realize that this ‘Oneness” expresses It’s own Self-Infinity as each and every individual spark of beauty and joy. An everlasting verity of perfection seen as this world of multiplicity and an array of differing, distinctive bits of wondrous glory and light.  We know the bounty of love as this Infinite Life manifesting as this world of matter,  We are the living experience of Single Identity perceiving Itself, here, now, always as the Life and Light of Living Love. Leap in and take the joyful beauty you are, be the way of love – live it with daring, dancing to the delight of your own love song, in your very own special way. And you, my love, always included in my joy — Sandy Jones

1 thought on “Every Petal”

  1. Love expressing Itself as the Life that I am.
    Love is the Song that dances me.
    Thank you dear One.

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