The Message

It is the message, not the messenger. The honest messenger does not permit his own personal adulation. He will not abide it. Those who permit it are not honest and do not know the truth that worship of the graven, finite image prevents seeing beyond the image.

Finally the world is awakening to “non-verbal communication” and to the comprehension that some things cannot be adequately–even nearly adequately–described in words. Or in mannerisms nor in any tangible way which the intellect can grasp. The communication of the Spirit is more subtle than the dance, the symphony, the painting or poem. It is a Something that rises up within and descends without, that expands from a single center and coalesces from the fringes of spacelessness inward to the center of being. It is a brightness and a lightness. It is everything and nothing, no thing and all things. It is the soundlessness of sound, the stillness of movement and the energy of vast worlds exploding into chaos. It is the slowing of Light into light and form and substance. It is all these thing, heavy and profound–and none of them. More nearly, it is the light and laughter of love. The communication of Spirit includes all words while using none of them.


Truly, this is what I have found for myself as well, this self discovery is all in the feeling, intangible feeling, it lives in the being of this love that I am. It is me.  It is here as the very living self I am. Here, I live from this spaceless, infinite place, while yet, right here I am in the world, right here as this tangible, finite wondrous experience of life itself. The spirit lives right here as this world experience I am. This profound and powerful energy of life moves me, is me, holds me, takes me – I think I am living one beautiful love affair, one intimate, ecstatic union with this living presence of life itself. Love is a feeling,  love it life itself, it pours through me and I can do nothing else but, let it, give to it, feel its love, feel it take me higher, I am filled with the rush of love, I will enjoy this sweet mystery that has taken me to Itself. —Sandy Jones –