Awareness & Life Are One



A monumentally helpful point for metaphysicians to “get straight” is the simple, basic and very gentle fact that awareness—consciousness—is God’s action not the personal tool of an ego. In our work here, awareness, consciousness and life (Life) are synonymous terms. Awareness is the action of God, the activity of Mind, the life that God is. Indeed, the consciousness presently reading these words, that perceives the Winter scene outside, that hears the rustle of pots and pans in the kitchen and gathers in the evergreen thoughts and feelings of the coming season, is the living that God is, the awareness that Mind is, the all and only perceiving of Deity going on. This consciousness right here and now is the life divine that never ends—the awareness of God.

There are not two awareness’s, one that belongs to Bill, Liz, Lynn or world, and another somewhere afar off, marvelous and mysterious, that belongs to God. All there is to “mortal mind” is the now-to-be-discarded notion that the consciousness reading this essay belongs to a finite personality with a responsibility for “his” experience. Consciousness, awareness, “seeing”, “perceiving”—or whatever else it may have been called—is GOD’S responsibility and God’s consciousness in action.

Conscious of what? Of all there is to be conscious of: the infinity of all that God, Reality, is. THIS life we are is God’s own Self-appraisal, God’s Self-seeing, Self-knowing, Self-being.  –William Samuel

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This was, for me, the most important point of my entire search for understanding. Learning and then trusting implicitly that I am not God, I am not responsible for Life, for Awareness – but that God is being all that I am, is being this very Life I am. That Awareness, Mind, Truth, and Identity, Who I Am  is not ‘mine’ but is being all that I am. Awareness is unpossessed. In this realization, came my genuine liberation from fear, from time, from suffering. The joy is real. It is here as Life and I am this Life, present and here. Nothing is outside of Here. Here and Now is the very presence of Godhead, the Ineffable Infinite Mind, the uncaused Presence of all that is.  — With grateful heart to William Samuel for his ability to bring such wisdom and truth that I could find it for myself and live again –  Sandy Jones