It may be said that the vistas of Awareness widen and widen until such time as they include again the pure sights and sounds we experienced as children.
Do you remember the tender thrills of childhood—the smell of freshly cut grass, how clean the air after a rain, how little things were so exciting, how small surprises were such breathtaking, joy filled moments? Do you remember how very blue the sky and how white the clouds within it, how rich green the fields, how unfettered and free the feeling of the first day of vacation? Do you remember the joy of experiencing no care, no responsibility, no worry, no fear of health or wealth? Can you remember how wonderful was your father’s praise, and how comforting your mother’s touch? Can you recall the time when there was no consciousness of age, debility, sorrow and death?

Reader, I tell you that in this work all these things will be your happy experience again! Every bit of this is “regained” as we become non-evaluating Awareness, as we let go the judge, as we drop the accumulation of judgments and opinions.

When can we do this? Today! Right now! We do not have to die first. There is nothing to die but the belief in a possessor called “me” who is capable of enslaving God’s own Awareness of Himself, the veritable I that I am! As we let go the age-old liar, we return to honesty, “born again” to “become as a little child.”

And this is only the beginning. Just as Awareness consciously appears to regain the uninhibited enthusiasm of youth, so it appears that the body you call yours regains its agility, poise, grace and strength.

Even more astounding, “expanding” Awareness consciously perceives that the loved ones of old are yet within its Vision, loved ones that the narrower sense of a possessed and opinionated Awareness exclude in a process called death!

I would tell those who have found the Child within, that pure, pristine, holy Child you are, to maintain your simple credulousness and sensitivity by LIVING your Childlikeness and Simplicity. Hold this grand AWARENESS close to the Heart because, in Truth, it IS the Heart. LOVE this love you have found yourself to be. See it in everyone and everything because the everyone and everything are but mirrored images of your Self. Do not worry about Identity being raw and sensitive in the face of the world. Its defenselessness is its strength, who would harm a child? Those who have the courage to REMAIN the newly revealed Child find that this is so.

And to be the child does not mean a forsaking of a job or an organization necessarily, because the Child’s view of those activities is SHARP and PERCEPTIVE. The Child we are cannot be fooled. We see and enjoy the REAL, leaving the rest alone.

Ego shed is Identity discovered.

And this is so!

Pure LOVE to you all from the back roads of Alabama,
William Samuel

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Oh yes, yes, when we find this Child and live it, when we are daring to be vulnerable and open, that’s when our fearless freedom comes alive in us.  Just as William says, this love is ever ongoing, it is expansive love, full of vitality, and happiness, like a child again – yes, this is absolutely, exactly as it has been for me. And I continue to grow in this expansive, ongoing wonder and delight. My loved ones are here, in this all inclusive light I am living, nothing is lost – more than this, the love and bounty of life’s joyful wonders keep pouring down on me. Life flows free and easy in this wide vision I am living, being, tasting, knowing, touching, sensitive, honest, vulnerable, genuine, alive to it all. I feel the sensual delight of this wonderland of magic and yet it is more real, tender and comforting in all ways, as if I am home, here in love with my self as this whole world, entire, just as it is.  This is the original soul, the infinite light of our self that we find through the fearless heart. We leap, we take our chances, running with open arms, into the meadow of life, where this Child I am lives and plays. So simple, so clear, so rich in never ending unfolding beauty.

You are not finished, until you play in that meadow and live there. You can, you know. But only you can take yourself there.  — Sandy Jones