“Suffering, pain and anguish bring all together in the heart. When we observe others… brother, sister, mother, father, son, daughter… friend or foe… in deep sorrow, the heart opens to a universal language called love and we become our brother’s keeper. Their pain moves us beyond ourselves to an unselfish love; their pain becomes our pain and we would do anything in our power to comfort them. The petty judgements (lies) that have caused division melt away and only love (Truth) remains. The pain of others awakens the Mother (Love) in us, it puts us in touch with our heart and soul. In that moment where love is pure there is no enemy, the heart is all-inclusive. Love begets love.” — William Samuel


And this tells us that, if we let it, even the worst of sorrowful things can lead us back to love, lead us home to our own heart of tender and honest understanding. There is beauty and light within everything. Tenderness opens the heart and we are touched by this light of infinite love – and love begets love. This is the way home, through the broken heart, the heart that is torn wide open touches the infinite light of love and lives again  — Sandy Jones