The Mystery

My reader friend, we do this individually first; then the world, following in time sequentially, is seen confirming our discovery! This is a Mystery, most marvelous.  This is the Mystery of Messiah, who comes to deliver our subjective world from the grip of illusion.

Let whoever reads these words, please understand their meaning if he can. If “you” are to see “your” world improve, the improvement begins with “you.” I have found that, despite my many human weaknesses and follies, it is possible with God’s grace to envision and see “the new heaven and earth” already spread over the face of Everything—and to perceive it right here in the world, no matter the human circumstance or one’s personal condition.


Or as one wise and man said, “As I be lifted, my whole world is lifted.” That’s quite the quantum perspective. And it is true. The great thing about this, is that the choice is ours. It’s up to me, and no one else.  I see the actual beauty of this truth unfolding in so many wondrous ways in my little world.  No need to change anything out there. I get the pure joy of finding and living it here within me. This sweet delight of living it, feeling it, knowing it is mine.  I simply get to watch this divine miracle of life do what it does. The riches are here within me. And life is full of sweet surprises – and  every one of them, made out of nothing but magic and love. — Sandy Jones