A Guide to Awareness and Tranquillity by William SamuelA Guide to Awareness and Tranquillity
By William Samuel

"PURPOSE, SCOPE AND PROMISE Reader, I have discovered a peace of mind and tranquillity that are utterly beyond belief and with the discovery has come the ability to communicate it to others!

"By peace of mind I do not mean the ecstatic ebbing and flowing happiness of religion. I have discovered an unfluctuating, unchanging, permanent sense of well-being that transcends every human concept. I call it Transcendent Tranquillity. It is not new. It is the peace beyond understanding spoken of by the saints and sages throughout history. No, it is not new at all, but I have found it; and, miraculously, with the finding has come the ability to give it to others. Indeed, to the special few who want it and are willing to listen, I find myself able to speak of this Transcendent Awareness such that they are able to understand for themselves and be it!

"Listen: The purpose of this book is to give this Awareness of Tranquillity to you. More than that, this volume is intended to prove to the reader that the awakening to Reality and its experience of Peace does not, contrary to the popular belief among the students of metaphysics, require the difficult, step-by-step processes of metaphysics, education, experience and unfoldment. Instead, simplicity and honesty are its keynote. Tender, childlike simplicity and honesty are the hallmarks of Reality's Tranquillity.

"If this sounds presumptuous, I will make it more so. I tell you that the nearly effortless practice of the tender precepts spoken of in this work will open the reader's door to a tangible, practical, down to earth bedrock, unfluctuating Tranquillity such that nothing the world has to offer can prevail against it! This is not another idealist's vague promise of happiness; not another metaphysical system nor philosophic fantasy intended to explain away despair, disease and death! This is not another fanciful theory. These words are written such that you may prove them and see for yourself if they are honest.

"Tranquillity call it Equanimity, Serenity or Peace, if you like has little to do with education and less with religion. Even metaphysics, that esteemed (and disparaged) higher religion of the intelligentsia just coming into its own in the highest places of human authority even that metaphysics of the Absolute has little to do with the Transcendent Identity destined to survive the upheaval already begun; yet, the Reality which is its warp and woof is effortlessly available to the childlike, right here and now.

"It is our inescapable obligation to help as many as are willing to discover, uncover and be the Tranquillity untouched by turmoil a tranquillity as effortlessly available as our own Identity. Those who find it are enabled to be passers-by, tall and untouched by the world. Those who find it are healed." --William Samuel


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Book By Legendary American Mystic William Samuel
"Few spiritual books convey the direct experience of being in the presence. A rare exception is William Samuel's A Guide to Awareness and Tranquillity. The premise of his book is as inspiring as it is groundbreaking: There exists a gentle experience of Truth and it's available to each of us. With insight and wisdom, Samuel shows us how it's this presence rather than the books, teachers, techniques, and organizations we call religious that matters most in the spiritual life. Written with authority, humor, and extraordinary insight, Samuel gives readers interested in spiritual life a practical way to discover truth for themselves. His words, gentle and plainspoken, impart the same wisdom that for centuries readers have found in the words of the great enlightened ones." --J.K. BAILEY author, Already on Holy Ground; editor, Awakening from the Dream of Me


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