The Ineffable Is Not Limited

Oh, my dear friend, intellectual understanding doesn’t make the difference; intellectual comprehension can’t be enough, else the Ineffable would be limited to that. The Ineffable is without limit, without restriction, without bound or bond. It isn’t in all the fancy words. It isn’t in the fine nuances and mental gymnastics. It isn’t in education, years of discipline or study.

Where is it? It’s in the Heart’s delight. In the unspeakable thrill of inner feeling. In the never-waning enthusiasm of Love. It’s in the shine of a wild bird’s eye. It’s in the laughter of a child, the fragrance of an old memory, the melody of the wind in the trees. It’s in the surge of delight by whatever path it happens to present itself to THIS conscious awareness. That is where it’s at. Not in the words. Not in the dramatic illustrations. Not in the holy books and disciplines of the world. Not in the mind bending, ego building theatrics of study and intellectualism –but in the simple things that are already present to be LIVED AS LIFE, here and now. That’s the surge of power that does the work. That’s the evidence of Spirit in our daily affairs. That’s the insight making the crooked places straight, lightening the load and putting wings on the feet. That’s the Ineffable, here with healing on its wings.