But, without the Child within, even subjectivism is dead in the water—

When the subjective idea dawns, one’s views become quantum; one’s religion becomes quantum; one’s experience becomes quantum; one’s knowledge begins to multiply until it becomes quantum.

What is meant by this? When the subjective idea dawns, one begins to realize that the entire world is unfolding within himself. It begins to dawn that the appearance of mankind “out there” is one’s “objective” view in total—one’s own “possibilities” carried on to near infinity.

In the pre-subjective state, one was merely one among millions; in the subjective mode, millions are within oneself. In the objective state, there is just me and my pathetic little view of things; in the subjective state, there is this divine Awareness (which God is being) and it includes all views within itself, infinite possibilities.

In the pre-subjective state, time is linear and sequential. In the subjective state, time is less linear and not necessarily sequential. In the subjective state, time may move in both directions or not exist at all.

Einstein’s equation came from a subjective state of mind. See what that little subjective idea has done within the objective world! In magnitude, subjectivism can do for the individual what quantum mechanics has done for science—and more. But, without the Child within, even subjectivism is dead in the water.  – William Samuel – The Child Within Us Lives!


The Child, the Soul, the Ordinal Identity is unbound, everywhere at once. The Child is our soul, living from our own knowing, living in genuine understanding, The Child is the wholeness of being, living who I am and knowing that I am.  To find the Child is to find ourself as the third point, living the sweet freedom as both the objective and subjective, spirit and matter, seen and understood in the Light of wholeness. The Child Knows what Love is and is capable of living this love. Now, from the pristine experience, from the heart, we live both views, at once. Nothing is outside of the Isness of Being.  The Child is the third position that brings the opposites into balance. The Child is an alchemy of balance. We find dominion. It is powerful and real. Not ending here, but opening into the ongoing expanse of our own living Identity of beauty and light.     —Sandy Jones