Journal Keeping

One more thought, it seems very important to me about your journal keeping. It isn’t necessary to write religious things in it—it isn’t necessary to fill it with all metaphysical stuff. We write what is worthy of God, which includes beauty, tenderness, joy. So, we can write of the twinkle in somebody’s eye that we’ve seen, two elderly people holding hands in the park—what a joyful site that is, children tumbling in the park, redwoods blooming in the spring. Light, light shining through the wings of a butterfly. What can be more worthy than that, what is more worthy of the ineffable Godhead than to speak of beauty and joy and uprightness and love. So the journal becomes a joy when we don’t have to put the clinical antiseptic terms of metaphysics, but not ignoring our metaphysics either, writing what science allows us to write. Well, almost 40 years of journal keeping has allowed me to learn lots of little secrets that I can tell you but I save that for our face-to-face discussions. Tangible how to-do-it’s are explained here on this tape but there are many others that I’d be happy to talk about when we meet face-to-face.  – William Samuel


When I first discovered William Samuel, many years ago, he recommended journal tending as a way toward more illumination. I had always loved to write, so this was a joy for me.  I never wanted disciplines or formulas, mantras, yoga, or meditation. I wanted freedom. Writing allowed me the open the space to think, to ponder, to imagine, to wander,  to wonder, like a child. This way lead me home, back to myself. This worked for me. Over the years I wrote many letters to William, they were straight from my own heart, my own journal, my latest insight, a fresh new glimpse of light that lead me to the open fields of my own freedom. Writing from the highest place I could go, this has been my way to unfold in the light of self discovery. Now, all these years later, I write straight from this all knowing expanse, the meadow of this abiding love, the Living Presence.  I write from the Child’s unbound, unrestricted Joy. I write from the very heart of living this carefree, fearless freedom of being.  I found my way home. I am here, seeing and being the living fullness of myself, the wholeness of who I am. I write what is worthy of God. It is truly my joy, writing from the highest vision that I open my heart to. Here, in flows the divine knowing. Somehow, in my own way, trusting myself and what I see, writing has been the right way for me. I thank God and the angels, and  this sweet world of mine for all the gifts of love that have flowed  on the wings of joy, into my life. A reflection of my own heart, I know. Love is love — Sandy Jones