Freely Skipping

Well, this is, at least, what meditation is for me. I run from wonder to wonder. I can’t say that I do this on the wings of awareness but as the very wings of awareness itself. And I’m not tethered by mind, not tied by mind but guided, guided with an assurance that I simply have learned not to doubt nor question.
This selfless musing is a little bit like daydreaming—I don’t know how to explain it, it runs lightly, like a colt that has just been turned out to pasture. Or, a better illustration, the musing of the meditative state is like a puppy that is walking and running and frisking with his master. He’s skipping freely, the puppy is, from interest to interest; he is led one moment by his eyes, he sees something and runs. And then the next moment, by his nose, he smells and runs. And the next moment by his ears, he hears something and he runs again. And yet all of his roaming and his rambling from thicket to cricket, from bush to bush, but keeps naturally in a direction and speed that is set by the master that he’s walking with. Unbound freedom within the protective guidance of love.

Here’s the joy of all this, for me. And much of the reason I was so attracted to William’s teachings. I was not asked to meditate in the way others said it must be done. I was given the freedom to write, to think, to muse on things. This allowed for walks, for sailing, to skiing, for washing dishes, with the open heart of love. Yes, like a puppy, a good way to describe such a wondrous way to live and be in the world. Curious and alert, but alway guided by some inner light of love that leads the way. No restrictions. Love is not controlling or restricting. This is the freedom of the sublime beauty – and it is love, the power of love – only love  — Sandy Jones