Course of Study

Why don’t you give us a course of study?

If I tell someone what to do, I appear to open two doors I would rather not open: I give them the opportunity to NOT do as I instruct, thence to feel GUILTY; I give myself the opportunity to say, “If you had done what I ASKED you to, then thus and such…” more GUILT. Study-lessons eventually lead to such self-condemnation or self-guilt-or self-EXCUSE. Why do it? I choose to perceive the letter as a mirror of the Self who needs no instruction.

What is the difference in writing this answer to the man and going ahead and preparing a lesson for him to study?

Answering his letter doesn’t inflict GUILT the lesson could.

Another reason I loved the way William teaches. He gave me my freedom to learn as learn and do it all by myself. He was always about freedom, and I am a lover of freedom. You know exactly how it is when you were 5 years old and you learned to tie your shoes, all by yourself. You did it – it was yours and that knowing would always be yours. When you know, you know. A little guidance is perfect, but then you have to do it yourself, for yourself. No one can ‘learn’ it for you – that part of is totally up to you. Life is good. That kind of teaching is love. – Sandy Jones