Laughter of Love

Private Papers – William Samuel  – 1983

Finally the world is awakening to “non-verbal communication” and to the comprehension that some things cannot be adequately–even nearly adequately–described in words. Or in mannerisms nor in any tangible way which the intellect can grasp. The communication of the Spirit is more subtle than the dance, the symphony, the painting or poem. It is a Something that rises up within and descends without, that expands from a single center and coalesces from the fringes of spacelessness inward to the center of being. It is a brightness and a lightness. It is everything and nothing, no thing and all things. It is the soundlessness of sound, the stillness of movement and the energy of vast worlds exploding into chaos. It is the slowing of Light into light and form and substance. It is all these thing, heavy and profound–and none of them. More nearly, it is the light and laughter of love. The communication of Spirit includes all words while using none of them.

It is so much sweeter and brighter and more lovely than anything we can imagine. It is the brightness and lightness of love.  Yet, so simple, so clear, so honest and real. Easy. It’s the feeling you felt when you were a little child and you first learned how to tie your shoes. Oh the magic of it-  yes, you did it, you did it, all by yourself. It’s is yours forever.  The joy and delight, so easy, so simple but so very truly wonderful. And you will forever know how to tie your shoes. That’s it – you know, and you know you know. Forever yours  – Sandy Jones