The Message

Private Papers – William Samuel      – 14 Jan. ’83

The experience of self-discovery never ends because the Self being revealed is infinite and eternal.

The teachers, the “masters”, the gurus of the world are like holes in the bottom of a great wine barrel. Nearly all the wine eventually passes through one of the holes, from dark confinement to the freedom of Light. Those who venerate the “living master” instead of the message are like the wine that clings to the barrel around the holes, never passing into the Light.

It is the message, not the messenger. The honest messenger does not permit his own personal adulation. He will not abide it. Those who permit it are not honest and do not know the truth that worship of the graven, finite image prevents seeing beyond the image.

The vast open beauty of the heart, it is this love, this life, this self discovery and it lives as the very self we are. The light lifts us, and the knowing keeps pouring in, keeps moving. It is ongoing Light – endless love.  I love William’s honesty. Yes, it is true. Powerful words and true. Let your heart hear the words.  Hear the message and let the Light of the words take you through into freedom. They can, they will, I know – Sandy Jones