All is Spiritual Light
The body-point (in time and space) is where “inside” and “outside” interface, it is where above, below, first, last, male, female touch—even as the leaf is the surface the sun touches. The body point is where line and plane intersect. Every dimension of the sphere is the substance of the body-point—the Sphere of Godhead. As one looks at the physical body, it seems the body is outside the looking, but it isn’t. The body and all that is known about it is able to appear- in no other place but the awareness that contemplates it. The body (often called the body of Light) is the product of UNMOVING God-light and its Self-measure, moving light…. but that product is merely an Image.

When one begins his own examination of Light— to consider it, to ponder and understand it, he has come in from a far country and come home again, he has stopped the frivolous toying at the edges of metaphysics to touch down near the very Heart of it. He has taken a full step toward Light and will soon find that Light has already rushed toward him to engulf him with Answers.

It was very slow dawning on me that all light is SPIRITUAL light! For a long time I held tenaciously, albeit unconsciously, to the subtle belief that “Spiritual Light” was different than (higher, more ethereal or something) “material” light.

(I am certain that LIGHT brings its SELF-CONFIRMATION with it. Therefore, the Divine Mystery which underlies these words WILL be FELT AND UNDERSTOOD in “every kindred heart,” that REALLY wants to understand).


I look around at the tangible things and I see light “in-formed.” Everything we see, touch, feel, know is brought to us through the information carried by light. The Light of Life is before the world of light. It is the unmoving Light Eternal. This Light is information. So, the form of a turquoise vase with flowers, sitting on the wooden table, all that I see, is that same Light, reflected in the tangible things as light ‘in form’ — an idea, information, ‘packaged’ as light, made tangible. We live in or as the Infinite Mind being the Light that is immeasurable, seen as this world of slowed light, measurable light, and ideas taking form. We are living because we are the Light from which all things come from. Yes, the Divine Mystery is right here, we are living it. You and I cannot live anything less than this ever present Light that is being all things, all that we are. It is and so it is felt and understood.  Here is our joy and freedom, right here, right now, always. As the song goes, what a wonderful world — Sandy Jones