It has been said that the Absolute should be expressed without resorting to "dualistic" words and examples, but from experience I have found this to be nonsense. To write in such a way is to write like an engineer who uses a jargon understood only by other engineers, or to write as a poet who writes only to other poets. It seems unwise to so limit the range of a discourse about Infinity.

  Those who have come to know who and what they are, are not fooled by words! The old sage, Laotse, said, "The truly wise work diligently without allegiance to words," which, after all, are only ink spots or sounds. Since I appear to have a choice of words to use, I choose the simple, unpretentious phrase—the happy sound—because its noise is an understood melody, the joyful noise that David would prefer.

  None of these words is intended to jolt or shock, but this is not to say that what is said here will not precipitate a controversy between the intellect and the heart. It oftentimes takes a mighty kick in the britches to end our thralldom with the world dream. An old saying goes that the flower must burst its bud before it blossoms, blossom before it seeds, and scatter its seed in the summer wind before it rests.

  The artist who stands in the midst of an overwhelming sunrise may attempt to portray it on canvas for others to see and enjoy, but the picture is not the sunrise itself, and the painting is bound by the limitations of canvas and oil. If it has purpose, it is but to exist. Existing, say some, it appears to have the ability to lift the gaze of a passerby from scenes he thinks less beautiful and to point a finger to the overhead beauty he is too busy looking at his feet to see. In any event, this book is merely a canvas. The artist (or viewer) is foolish who forgets that the value is in the real Sunrise and not in an essay that only haltingly portrays the Deific Reality.

  Absolute perfection is at hand! Deific Tranquility, like the principle of music or arithmetic, is eternally omnipresent; and hence, it is right here and now spread over the whole face of the land! When this is seen and understood—when this is felt within the heart—one is not long tempted to believe his own putrid picture of poverty, only a partial picture of peace, but is able to "be a passer-by," shake the dust from his feet and return again to his Father's house where there are many aspects of perfection—and from which, in actuality, he has never wandered.

  The Heart doesn't speak of misery; it tells of perfection.

  The Heart tells us all is well. The Quiet Place says, "Tranquility is the real nature of our Being!" The Still Small Voice whispers, "It is so! It is true! God is ALL, and God is Good!"

  This is a fact. It is a fact that embodies Absolute Perfection as the ONE Life, God, lives; ONE Mind, God, thinks; ONE Awareness, God, is aware, right here, right now, even though it appears every leaf on the tree holds a different opinion about everything. Each leaf is another view-POINT. How can INFINITE Self-knowledge (Omniscience!) appear tangibly (finitely!) Self-delineated EXCEPT as an infinity of different, finite viewpoints, everyone perceived within and as ONE Awareness?

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