Infinitely Greater

Gentle Reader, “I” means IDENTITY, not a suffering, human concept of Self. See these words as your own:
I let go the role of an awakening student. I end the identification of gendered mortal learning this or that. I am not a member of the human race, a one among many, working, striving, struggling, straining, arriving at Truth line upon line, precept upon precept, here a little, there a little.

I am an identity INFINITELY greater, grander than that, and I am not ashamed to say so to my world of appearances even when the charges are that of vaingloriousness and self-deluding insanity.

I take the Divine Awareness of GOD to be “my” identity. I am THAT. THAT is “me” and I do not hesitate to SAY so to whomever may be interested.

Furthermore, I live this identification to the best of my ability, despite the fact this appears to be running upstream, contrary to the world’s way of doing things. And I maintain this position to the best of my ability, reminding myself as often as necessary that AWARENESS is the WHO I am, the WHAT I am, the WHY I am—and that identity is not a human one, not a worldly one, not a sick, sinning, ignorant or quarreling one but the HOLY WHOLE SINGLE ONLY ONE, and THAT am I!


We know what we have found. We know of the inner peace, the light, love, insight and wonder of Being we have found Truth to be. The Heart of the one who reads this knows what the Truth has meant over the years. All the hell-fire and damnation the “world” can muster cannot efface the Grace we have felt. The challenges we face, like lions in the Colosseum, may appear to tear the old nature apart, but all that is torn, or can be, is a concept that was never real. The Grace of IDENTITY stands untouched, untroubled, singing….

From “The Awareness of Self Discovery” by William Samuel
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May I say, I am so happy that I can share William Samuel’s words with you, because I know they are true and honest and yes, joyously livable.  I can tell you that out of knowing, out of making   your own self discovery of who you really are, you find your own true happiness. Here is the individual freedom from fear, and it is your dominion. Here in the light of living this Real Identity, your individuality begins to grow strong and self assured as you live it. You can prove this for yourself.  You become full and rich with a love that is beyond measure, untamable and so beautiful.  Living this fact of Identity, in the genuine discovery of “who I am,” proves itself in ways of living evidence. It is clear. I see it all the time. It is the nature of my heart and the delight of my life to have turned around and come back to myself.  In this light of understanding, I found myself to be the carefree, delightful, genuine self, much like I was as a little girl.  No restrictions, no disciplines, no regrets, no guilt, no suffering, no mental chains.  To be free from the old precepts that were layers of lies that covered over the original pristine heart.  – and yet the wonders reveal I am still, right here more me than ever I was.  Such joy this is. God is good. Here, I am fully me, totally me, loving this childlike joy I am. Not having to live up to any human standards of perfection or enlightenment. No, not now.  Here, wholly true to myself living here in the world, just as I am, authentic, pristine joy I am.  This is powerful. This way of seeing, being and loving brings joy to my entire life, joy to everything. A deep and abiding peace reigns here within me.  Ahhh yes, it is as if I have been born again, seeing all things as powerless over this unbound beauty I am, this freedom I am.  Nothing restricts or confines this infinite presence of simply being who I am, in whatever unlimited ways I am, and ways that life shows up for me. I am, and I will enjoy this wild wonderful world, embrace it all, tenderly, in love with it all, open and fearlessly living whatever comes for me to live. –  Sandy Jones