Fact of Identity

…..This study is related to no organization. It has grown out of no religious group. This is not a special theology more related to one church than another, or more to one metaphysics than another. The Truth is the Truth is the Truth—not strained through any organization. It follows no particular line of teachers. The Truth does not come out of any faith, organization, teacher, philosophy or holy book. The Truth includes all that has ever been construed to be any and every teacher, philosophy or holy book. The Truth we are concerned with is the truth of the Single Selfhood being the awareness of these words. There is one Truth only—the fact of Identity—the truth I am…. William Samuel –
Excerpt from The Awareness of Self-Discovery – By William Samuel  


Truth is Life Itself, It is the very Living that I am, that you are. There is only this Living One and It is being all that you are, all that is, just the way it is. Every ‘thing’ is included within this Living Light of our Self. Self-knowing Light is the Light that is being all that you are. Life is not dependent on holy books, for organizations. Life includes all those things, but Life, Identity, Being, this Self I am, is not “in” those things, not ‘in’ anything, yet it the very Awareness that includes our awareness of all that we see, and know and be- Such is my joy, such is my love unfolding in all it’s many faceted colors and varied degrees of Wonder and Miracle – all this expressions and delights of Itself, it is I. This is my peace, this is my wind swept beauty of the open fields of my heart. –Sandy Jones