The Overlooked Simplicity

I have never talked heart to heart with a single person who hasn’t admitted that the child was still there within him—struggling perhaps, or a distant dream from the past, but still there. All of us continue to dream dreams and wonder about soft things. The heart of us still goes leaping through the high places of imagination occasionally and soars with the high flying swallows to see the far side of the moon. That is the Child at work. Yes, the Child still lives.
Moreover, this inner one, the old/new Child of us, is healthy and well, absolutely all right in every way. None of Its enthusiasm has been dulled by the years. Its eyesight is as sharp as an eagle’s, Its hearing keen as a puppy’s, and all the feelings of youth are pounding with excitement exactly as they did when we were children-children, unencumbered by the world.

Much has been said about the “heart” of us. Great theological positions have been established around “the immortal soul.” Reader, listen with that heart of yourself for a minute: The little child of us, the heart of us and the soul of us are the Same One.

Whatever we have come to perceive with the heart has been a recognition of that eternal Child within. And now, as I write of the One, I address the heart, the soul with which we are all concerned. Oh yes, the heart and soul of us—the Child—is still right here quite capable of confirming Itself, evidencing Itself and revitalizing our view of everything.

As the years pass and the world encroaches relentlessly, we lose sight of this Original Nature of Identity except as an old photograph or a memory etched somewhere in an inaccessible past. It comes as a surprise to hear that the Original Child and all Its feelings are still around; then it comes as a wonderment to learn first hand that they are not inaccessible at all, but still right here, closer than breathing, closer than fingers and toes.

Excerpt from “The Child Within Us Lives!  By William Samuel


Yes, still here, I have found it. I wrote a book about this discovery of the Child. William is right. It is possible to feel love and life and to live again in childlike, happy excitement.  It is ours, this joyful freedom that happens is the living evidence that this is the way.  My book is titled “Barefoot at Heart.” It is the expression the Child is rediscovered. The bounty of happy, balanced energy is real and there is no doubt.  When we find this pure heart of ourself again, we do come alive, feeling full of vitality and wonder, all our senses and feelings awakened in the most joyful ways.  More than this, we have no fear of life. We are in love, curious, delighted – and life is beautiful. When we find the Child again and live from the heart, we have found the holy trinity, the three points of view that coalesce and create genuine understanding and a marvelous sense of wholeness. Perhaps the Child is the third eye “I” in this divine equation. Oh it seems so to me.  No longer seeking, but giving our heart in the light of love. Now finding and living in an ongoing flow of wonder and magic. It is as if spirit and matter have combined in the crucible of the heart, and in this love, here, it all turns to gold – the pure, bright, happy golden light touching the very source of eternal love. –Sandy Jones