Illumination is Not a Myth

“Illumination,” like all things sublime, creeps into the conscious awareness of the willing and childlike. It enters on kitten’s feet, unannounced. It comes as the prophet said, “…here a little, there a little.”

“But how do we know when we KNOW?

We find ourselves with the Answer.
“What is the answer?” The answers to the problems that perplex us—and others.
“Do you know the answers?”
Those that, by God’s grace, I have been shown, come to know, have proven and am finally given the courage to tell about.
“How can I know you know?”
You can look for yourself at the words that are written. You can ask and see if the answer you get is applicable in your affairs—and works in your heart.
If the religionist’s religion isn’t doing all it has promised to do, that one hasn’t found the Light behind religion.
If the subjectivist’s metaphysics isn’t working in his affairs, that one hasn’t found the Light that underlies his subjective studies.

The fact is, in Western metaphysic’s subjective textbooks, there is no general inclusion of the subject of Illumination at all. Why? The answer is painful.


The Love we are shows us all we need to know – and when we know, we know we know – There is no doubt. Exactly as it feels when were little kids and learned to tie our shoes – when we know, there was no doubt about it. It’s that clear, that simple, that sweet and that real  –  Sandy Jones

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