Increase in Sensitivity

The ability to distinguish increases as judgment ends. Distinguish what? New sights we have been unconscious of before; feelings we long since thought had vanished with the years. But more, we find an ever growing ability to distinguish new things in areas not recognized as containing new things—somewhat as if we had long been familiar with a bowl of glass marbles, heretofore seen simply as “marbles” but now, bit by bit, seen to be marbles of different sizes, colors and designs—all these apparent distinctions that others seem not to see at all! Yes, perception “becomes” clear and acute. An intuitive alertness of a new kind develops. Inevitably, the wonder is how we could have been so stupid as to miss these things before.


This was a wondrous discovery for me. As I opened my heart to embrace this entirety of my self, somehow, the wide open space of my heart allowed the rush of this Living Love to flow through, like a river. And all this intuitive alertness came alive in me, just as William says it does. This living presence of love brings a clarity and sharpness that sees the Light of the Ineffable, right here, being the all inclusive Reality/Identity behind this world of measurable things. We can enjoy this world of multi-faceted wondrous distinctions as the bountiful expressions of the Divine. This is freedom. It is here in the re-discovery of this inner Light that is our very own self. Yes, yes, love always. —  Sandy Jones –

 Sensitivity – Etire essay by William Samuel