The Light of Simplicity


Surely, Simplicity is the profoundest of the absolutes. Of the thoughts the world has considered, meditated, contemplated and pondered at length, none seems so difficult to be comprehended by the metaphysician-philosopher we play, nor more persistently disparaged and denied by our intellectual nature than the ultimate simplicity of Reality.

Yet, wherever the Light has been seen, in whatever period or culture, regardless of the former beliefs of those “within whom this Light has bloomed or upon whom it has shone,” the words that tell of it invariably speak of its availability, tenderness and transcending simplicity. Enlightenment reveals that the Real appears a mystery only to the sophisticated (dishonest) nature of us, withheld from those who would search for it outside the childlike essence of their own being.

To those who struggle for their divinity in the diverse places conditioned thinking dictates, those bewitching webs of erudition that titillate the personal ego rather than dismiss it, the Light remains forever a mystery. Oh, but it comes, it comes! The Light comes “in good measure, pressed down, shaken together, running over and put into the lap” of those who are willing to let go the vaunted self to act the simple Child of God we are in fact already.

So we see, the Light of the Inexpressible demands only the sacrifice of a phantom role we play—but the surrender of anything less is the dream of darkness perpetuated.

(Reader, while this has been written in my words, it is to be read in yours.)

* * *

We realize there is no struggle to get rid of anything, not any part of ourself, nothing to change or do away with. It is simple. We uncover the original self of us, the Identity we are, the very one we are, as we are. We are here, pure,  real and free, just the way we are. The soul of us, the heart of us, the Child we are remains fresh, wondrous and un-indoctrinated in the false belief that there is a separate self that is or could ever be apart from, or stand between, this Life, this Light of Awareness we are.  Like taking off a coat, we expose our self, bare and willing, we give ourself  to this Living Light of Life Itself. Trusting. We live in the very living of it. Living the very idea of All being All, it reveals itself to us. We leap in and find out who we are, who we have always been.  We recognize that Life/God, Reality is all that is.  It is being all that we are, in all the individually sparkling aspects of Itself, as you and me. Right here, this is the living Joy we are. — Sandy Jones