There is neither a personal nor an impersonal Identity. There is just IDENTITY–the One–being all there is to the appearance of both the personal and impersonal. We hang in there steadfastly with Identity–the All, the Alone, the One–and identify as the Life-Awareness of THAT one, allowing our actions “here on the human scene” to fall naturally into place.

This is so brilliant and absolutely true. If you understand this, you find Love and Liberation. When the two become one. When inside and outside are one. Like a cup needs both inside and outside to hold the water. Life is objective and subjective, both are one Life. Personal and impersonal, are One Identity. One Identity being all that I am and all that you are. Pure freedom, I am total, whole and fully being me. It’s quite wonderful.  Live it from this sweet knowing of who you are. It is the joy of living.  From this place of knowing, take the steps necessary and needed in any given situation. There seems to me, to be a innate knowing that allows the peace of  understanding to show us the way. –  and, I have seen this to be so in my life. We trust this Truth and it proves itself. Yes, our actions fall naturally into place.
  – Sandy Jones