“Science has nearly reached the limits of tangibility at both ends of the scale, first and last, large and small. Presently our physical instruments are looking out to the very edges of the tangible universe of light and inward to the limits of the particle’s apparent beginning in time and space—to a billionth of a billionth of a second, it is said. These two views are one View. Human views will give way soon to the Reality of things. The government of Godhead—not the government of man and his religion—will arrive palpably right here in man’s finite measure because It is here already in simple, timeless Truth, albeit not quite seen, recognized or confirmed yet. As the Lights of the world have said, the New Covenant is written in the hearts of men already. There IS to be a breakthrough and a breakout into childlikeness and simplicity. Beyond that, there is something for the Child of us to do in this world. This book is about that as well.”

The Child Within Us Lives! A Synthesis of Science Religion and Metaphysics by William Samuel

. To give power to government or religion or any other authoritarian organization or person, is simply allowing others to usurp your own divine gifts of inner power and personal, individual authority that belongs between you and God alone. There is an Eternal Light that abides here, within your own heart. We each have our own God given blueprint and it is the very Identity you are. It is this living, genuine Selfhood you are. The true government is within your heart, it is your own, unique, innate divine intelligence from the beginning.  It is found in the freedom that comes with genuine self discovery, the joy of being yourself, the original, pure self.  The Child we are knows what to do and how to do it — Sandy Jones —