Holy Gamut of Perception

We are wont to have a vague Spiritual universe to dream and talk about—a universe wherein no imperfection exists and one to which we may appeal to rectify the malappearances in our tangible world. We are eager to have a visionary heaven, yet the place where we expect to see Harmony’s evidence is ever in the here and now of tangibility. All this while we are looking at Harmony’s very trees, stones and desert places, calling them dreams, calling them unreal, trying to heal them. We would have a dualism despite ourselves—a real and an unreal, a heaven and an earth, a truth and an error, an above and a below.

“He who has ears to hear, let him hear,” said Jesus. “When you make the two one. When you make the above as below, the first as the last, the inside as the outside…”

We do not discard the scene at hand in some grand metaphysical sweep, calling it all unreal. We turn from it—but we turn only long enough to see it is not the scene that lies, but the judge of it, the liar we play when we separate ourselves from Awareness (the Identity we are) to play at being God, the director of Awareness. Images within the scene have neither the value nor the authority the liar gives them.

look out and see that Heaven is this very Scene at hand!
The agony that began the exercise of imagination turns out to be something else. Tranquillity lets me see what—and act accordingly.There is much power in this message. If you will, you can feel it. How much MORE is the Life of YOU!  William Samuel – “A Guide to Awareness and Tranquillity”


One day, you realize the only change that needs to be made is not out there in the appearances, it within you. One day you see that the appearances are powerless, the appearances can’t touch your feelings. One day you stop trying to change the appearances, You find that the only real peace, real beauty, real love, happens here within you. Then, you can take yourself back to that peaceful place by using your imagination to feel that peace. It is the feeling we are after, not the change in scenery out there. You don’t need to change the appearances.– you just change you, change your mind, your heart, your inner feeling,

Take your self to a beautiful place in your mind’s eye, and let that feeling be with you -It’s the feeling. Because real peace and harmony and love and all the good things you want to have are really in the feeling, not in the ‘out there’ but here within you. And it is here instantly. The amazing thing, though, is that when you do that, the ‘out there’ seems to get in line with your heart, with the peace you feel, and the love you feel, shows up in your life. Yes, true –

So, find that inner peace – use your imagination, it works – it really does – you’ll feel that sweet peace come over you, that relief, that soft gentle sense that everything is alright – it is yours. Try it. The power, the dominion, it is a simple feeling that is not altered every time the wind blows. — Sandy Jones


2 thoughts on “Holy Gamut of Perception”

  1. Thanks for the post Sandy. Great reminder. When I allow myself to be present, “that sweet peace come over you, that relief, that soft gentle sense that everything is alright”, becomes real. It is when I get out of that chair that I need to remain present more often than not. Good post to read to start this day!

    1. Thank you Kevin, really nice to see you here on Bill’s website – Glad you like my contribution to his message. I love sharing his work –
      because his message brought me back to myself and my own sweet joyful freedom – I can put the words into the way they have touched my own heart, the way they led me back to the living peace that is always right here with us — no matter where we are – because it is who and what we really are, and so, it never leaves us – sometimes we just need these tender reminders — thank you –

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