It Proves Itself

It Proves Itself –

Is God here here or not? We accept, rather than reject. We  can’t prove the presence of God, but we certainly can accept the presence of God.

When we accept the presence of God, it is amazing at the little things that happen that prove, that prove the presence is here. The little boy didn’t have to do anything for the little boy to be relieved, the little boy just had to know his parents were present.

We don’t have to do anything, we just have to know there is presence present, that’s all we are required to do.

And listen, for those of you are wondering why should I throw away the old man and put on the new — well, miracles start happening when you do. You find yourself writing books and you find yourself talking where you had never talked before and you find people smiling at you that had never smiled at you before. And the presence proves that it’s present. You fly airplanes and you clap hands with glee. And you realize all beauty is within myself, all Truth is within my self, not out there a measurable distance away, not out there with a preacher, a minister, or a holy book or anything else that I must follow its directives — It’s here already as I — and then we live the equation, we live It. — William Samuel –  Seminar With William Samuel 


Living it, it proves Itself to me, everyday. The beauty, the laughter, the love continues to flow, easy and sweet in my life. Yes, yes – the unbound joy begins to flow when we accept rather than reject. So simple, so childlike, so pure — and the is you, the joy is yours – all else follows in love.   Sandy Jones