Three Marvels

No one in metaphysics has written of the Child yet, or the Equation and its Balance. I may never publish these words, but at the moment it appears that task has been given me to do—just because, finally, humanity is on the edge of a willingness to understand what lies beyond intellectualism. Mankind really wants to know how to live his intellectualism intelligently without destroying civilization in the process. Metaphysicians have nothing in their literature about the Child or the Equations. Metaphysics includes the Child’s way to think—subjectively—but very little about the Child’s way to live and act for mankind. In these final days of our human experience, it is essential that we get acquainted with the rest of these three marvels. —
William Samuel “The Child Within Us Lives!”


You might be ready to leap. If so, read “The Child Within Us Lives!” It’s message will lead you home to the Child you are.  This living Child comes alive again, and lives fully, here in the world. This Child is who you are, your original, unconditioned, unbound Self. The Child understands non-duality and duality, and finds the light and beauty and reality of both. Here, as the Child, this is the third point of being, the one that includes both duality and non-duality – but is greater than either. The Child is the balance, the high point upon which we stand. Here, when we find the Child, we live the wholeness of ourself– this it the Holy Trinity. Three that are one. The one, the Child stands above the two while including it all. Sweet freedom.  “This is the Way, walk ye in it” — Here is the genuine freedom, rediscovered, here, as our self – now we live again.  — Sandy Jones