It’s Real

The world is REAL

Is the world real? If God is the frame of reference, the answer is yes. If mankind and his beliefs are the frame of reference, the world is only partly real. As we let go the me-sense, we stop seeing the world through the eyes of the me-sense, and the Real hoves into view while the “unreal” vanishes or is seen for what is really is.   — William Samuel 1968


Oh yes, joy of joy, when we find this gold at the end of the rainbow. Yes, how sweet this is, It is real. and It is divine. It is real, and it is wonderful to live knowing this – understanding it is real. Indeed nothing so real as this sweet wonder and beauty that is being all that is and all that we are. Our expansive eternity lives, right here as this very self-knowing identity I am. Here the knowing takes my hand and I am free. Knowing allows the heart to be fearless. Being fearless, is dominion and love leads the way. — Sandy Jones