Positive and Negative Thinking

But, reader, listen carefully. Is this expectation and realization of “positive good” what one really wants? Undoubtedly, for a time it seems so to us all, but is there any lasting freedom in such action? None at all! On the contrary, this “positive thinking” is to take the weight of the entire world on one’s shoulders, endlessly having to determine what is positive and what is negative, what is “good” and what is “evil,” and then to make positive calculations and eliminate negative thoughts, expecting positive results and refusing to anticipate negative effects. This has us attempting to judge, heal and make over the universe to fit a personal judgment of positiveness.

This, of course, is what the world is doing, but such action is widening, not lessening the apparent dualisms of “good and evil,” “real and unreal,” “truth and error,” etc.

“Positive thinking” is only the humanly judged “good” aspect of thinking, planning, calculating and evaluating. All personal thinking, every bit of it, positive or negative, glosses over the transcendent NOW and leaves us trying to manufacture a personal idea of another perfection; it places this Now-awareness in another time and in another place.

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It is is like trying to manufacture a personal idea of another perfection – when it’s actually perfect just the way it is.

When we find our freedom, freedom from fear, embracing all the wonders of Life of Life Itself, which is who we are — well, then our entire world is made new, comes alive with the grace of knowing that whatever happens, it is perfect, just the way it is. Or as I have found, we are always given what we need, and it seems to me, it’s often more likely to be not what we think we want. And what we needed is so much more wonderful, rich, exquisite, bountifully alive with joyful delight than anything we could have dreamed — Sandy Jones