In The Middle


We all want more Light. We all need and want the flow of Light for our Truth to be new, fresh and effective. In this regard, Jesus said, “If you bring forth that within yourselves, that which you have will save you.” So what do we do? It is confoundingly simple. We reach out to the Child within us. We talk to the Child we know is there. We do this initially by means of our journal and later by writing and talking to the “rest of ourself”—the Child “out there” in time and space.

We write to the Child-I-Am with simple words in our private journal, exactly as we would talk to God. The Child of us IS the God of us and is our connection, our interface, with Godhead, Mountain Beyond Name. The Child is also our interface, with the entire tangible universe—Da Shan. It is as if the Real of us, the Child, holds God’s hand with one hand and holds the world’s hand with the other. We stand precisely in the middle between these two that are One, Godhead and Man. The Child is the Third—Logos. These three are one.

By William Samuel from his last book titled “The Child Within Us Lives!” and if these sound interesting you can find this book on Amazon.


Yes, it is the Child we find, and the Child leads us, with ease and grace, through this world. She knows the way out of the sticky places, she shines a light on the hard teachings, she makes a gentle path for us over the sharp stones, she brings us to the bridge when we cannot find our way across the rushing, turbulent waters. She protects and assures the heart with a lightness, laughter, and love. She anoints us with peace in the midst of sorrow or worry, or loss. We hold her hand, she takes us through this time-space arena.  Our sweet companion, our beloved one, steady and true, always with us. She is our soul, with us, here in the world. The Child is the Real of us, standing here, right now, between heaven and earth, showing us the way. It is true, I know, I have found her and she never fails me. Sweet Life, sweet miracles of Love –  Sandy Jones