An Open Heart

An Open Heart

In our study it is to our advantage not to limit ourselves but to develop ever wider attitudes of awareness—especially inner listening. The books, letters, tapes, conversations or “classes” only serve to trigger the breakthroughs. These sparkling glimmers of comprehension, often as not, come as answers to questions asked years before—answers winging in on the strings of an open Heart. Spiritual enlightenment comes as we ease away from intellectual intensity to UNMUTE the Heart. The Heart sings for those who expect it to sing. —

The Love that is our veritable Identity is supremely simple but in all this world, nothing is so profound and confusing to the intellect as Simplicity. This is why only the Child-we-are understands it—and why it seems so ephemeral and difficult to be comprehended by the role we play as metaphysical philosophers and theologians.     William Samuel – “On Meditative Writing – Notes From Lollygog”


It was certainly so very true for me. The heart understands. When my heart was torn wide open, that was when this river of Love and beauty began to flow through me, flow from heaven to earth, from the high mountains, rushing toward the sea. The heart opens to this ongoing, living power of Love.  And the marvelous thing is that I get to feel this Love that moves me along and takes me with it. It is the Love I am, ongoing and real.  Living from this childlike heart is like putting a canoe in the water, it sweeps me along and takes me on this most marvelous adventure of my very own being. I am living in the fullness of Love that found me.  Never knowing where I am going, but always knowing this constant Love that carries me with it.  –   Sandy Jones

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